At First Presbyterian, we live the mission to serve with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination and Love.

Worship at First Presbyterian

Each Sunday we gather for worship at 9:30 a.m. We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of most months. We also celebrate the Lord's Supper every year on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter and Christmas Eve.

We celebrate baptism whenever a parent requests baptism for a child or when an unbaptized adult seeks to join the congregation.

Quilt with mission statementThere are four "movements" in our worship service. The first movement is "We Gather." During this portion of the worship service we hear announcements about events in the life of the congregation, recite a call to worship, sing a hymn, confess our sin and are assured of forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We conclude this portion of the service by sharing a sign of peace with other worshippers.

The second movement is "We Hear The Word of God." During this stage the Bible is central. Lessons, usually one from each testament of the Bible, are read. We sing a hymn, there is special music and the Bible readings are interpreted, usually in a sermon.

The third movement is "We Respond to the Word." It is in this section of the service that we celebrate sacraments. We also raise prayers for the world and receive the morning offering during this movement. We conclude this section by affirming our faith.

The final part of our worship is "We Are Sent Forth." This is the shortest part of the service, but in many ways the most important. We stand to sing a closing hymn and to receive the benediction. We are charged to take what we have received in worship out from the sanctuary into the world!