Volunteer Opportunities

Time, Talent and Treasures

Now is the time to give some serious thought to what you can do to become an active part of your church community. There are many programs at First Presbyterian Church that could use your help. Any of our committee chairs would be glad to have you join them in the many projects, just ask, or call the office, Sue or Carol can direct you as to whom to contact for the best fit for you and your interests.


Christian Education Committee

Cindy Habich, chair

The First Presbyterian Church believes that learning is a life-long process. Therefore, we are committed to providing educational experiences for a variety of ages, styles, and interests. We hope everyone will find an appealing option to learn more about Christ and what His love means to us, to become more familiar with each other, and to grow together as a community of faith.

The CE Committee oversees the development, staffing, and planning of all our educational opportunities for all ages. 

CE Committee meets monthly.  Please feel free to contact Cindy Habich (chair) Christian Educator, Suzette Curtis if you have questions, ideas or suggestions!

These are the programs overseen by the Christian Education Committee:

• Kids' Power Hour (Sunday School)

Classes meet after worship from early September until late May, from 10:45 to 11:450 a.m.
• Classes are divided by age and developmental level. 

• Brown-bag Bible Exploration

2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm in Magnolia Hall we have an open group that meets to explore their own insights on the Bible texts that will be used in future sermons. Bring your lunch, your curiosity and a Bible. 

Evergreen Bible Exploration 

Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Evergreen Retirement Community, 1130 N. Westfield Street, Oshkosh, 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m., in the Elmer Harvey Room.

Volunteer opportunities:
According to the church's Child Protection Policy, our volunteers are required to be members of the congregation for at least 6 months and submit to a background check.
Training in the Policy is provided.

• Sunday School: teachers, assistants, nursery attendants

Christian Education Committee members
Cindy Habich, chair

Jen Ollanketo 

Suzette Curtis, Director of Christian Education

Bethany Rink

Lisa Dorn

Jamie Glover 


Fiscal Compliance Committee

Joann Cross, chair

Investment Committee

John Vette, chair

The investment committee is charged with the responsibility of investing monies given to the church either as a memorial or endowment bequests. Spending from the fund is handled during a yearly allocation request process that is supervised by the session. The first 10% of all bequests is given to the mission Tithe Fund and the next 10% to Building Restoration. The balance of the money is invested by the committee in keeping with the guidelines for operation of the Investment Committee. The committee is charged with encouraging church members to set aside some funds for memorials or endowment purposes in their personal giving. The Investment Committee is composed of 5 members, 2 members from session and 3 members elected at large at the Annual Meeting. 

Membership Enrichment Committee

Carol Foust, chair

The Membership Enrichment Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Planning events and activities for the congregation to increase fellowship
  • Working with the Community Outreach committee to incorporate perspective and new members into the congregation
  • Sharing information concerning congregation and community through the deacon committee member
  • Reviews the church rolls and reports any changes in membership to the Session for approval
  • Reviews and updates the congregation directory once every five years

The committee meets one time a month. There are many events in which to be involved throughout the year. This is a particularly good way to learn more about people you know and a great opportunity to meet new friends. It is a chance to know what is going on in the church and a great way to be active and involved in the church fellowship.

Mission Interpretation & Stewardship Committee

Andrew Bosma, chair  

The Mission Interpretation Committee supports mission opportunities for our congregation. Our focus is giving locally, but we also support mission projects in all parts of the world.

We have been consistently funding local entities like Christine Ann Center, The Samaritan Counseling Center, Day by Day Warming Shelter, our Preschool Program and several others.

We also support some nationwide mission projects like Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross and others, using financial resources from our local Mission budget and the Mission Tithe Fund. We like to spend money on Mission and we understand we have to do it wisely.

The committee also provides full interpretation of all special offerings of the PCUSA - One Great Hour of Sharing, the Pentecost Offering, Peacemaking and Christmas Joy Offering - encouraging each member's participation through minutes for mission and other activities.

The committee also oversees our annual Stewardship Program encouraging each member's growth in giving their time, talent and resources to the church.

Property and Finance Committee

Dick Strange, co-chair

Jim Dyer, co-chair

The Property and Finance Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Study and make recommendations to Session on those issues related to corporation status and business for action by Session as trustees.
  • Establish and regularly update a long-range comprehensive plan for church buildings and grounds, needed capital improvements, and needed acquisitions to undergird program of the church.
  • Regularly inspect the building and grounds, evaluating and prioritizing short-range maintenance and repair needs.
  • Maintain an inventory of equipment, furnishings, and other permanent materials belonging to the congregation.
  • Establish and review policies, costs and procedures for the use of the building by both members of the congregation and community groups.
  • Review and make recommendations concerning insurance policies and other liabilities as they relate to the congregation.
  • Supervise the work of contracts and the maintenance of staff.
  • Plan for congregational work days to get specific maintenance projects done.
  • Prepare annually a tentative or asking budget for consideration by the Session.
  • Oversee and work with those persons who are recording and maintaining the financial transactions of the church to insure accurate accounts at all times.
  • Review monthly with the Session the current financial status so that the Session can set financial priorities.
  • Interpret to the congregation building and long-range financial requirements for continued growth of congregation.
  • Confer with those committees or groups within the congregation seeking changes in space allocation and provide recommendations serving best interest of the mission of the Church.

Personnel Committee

Hillory Davila, chair

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide a consistent process and equitable policies for hiring, firing, and compensation review of all church personnel who are compensated.
  • Provide support, guidance, and encouragement for all compensated personnel.
  • Review performance and compensation with all compensated personnel annually.
  • Work with and provide guidance to the pastor as head of staff in the review and care of all compensated personnel.
  • Act as the recitative of the corporation in cases of personnel grievance or legal action.

Worship Committee

John Cross, chair

Worship Committee is responsible for the following:

• Coordinating with the Music Director regarding choir, organist, bell choir and special music.
• Overseeing worship activities, including suggestions from our Pastor and others for types of hymns used.
• Planning for special performances by guest artists and speakers.

Recruiting volunteers from the membership for the following:

o Lay readers for worship services.
o Communion servers for the first Sunday of each month or at other special services throughout the year.
o Designated Usher Coordinator(s) to oversee ushering teams.

• Coordinating directives for training Head Ushers for evacuation procedures in case of fire or tornado.
• Providing children's "Activity Bags" for use during worship.
• Suggesting themes and the pursuit of ideas to make worship more alive and meaningful for the total membership and our visitors.


Norma Dyer, moderator 

The deacons at First Presbyterian Church fulfill an important role in the ministry of our congregation.

Calling on shut-ins and hospital patients

At the beginning of a 2 year term, each deacon is assigned to a few members who are considered "shut-in" and due to health issues are unable to participate actively in church. Deacons are requested to visit with their assigned person(s) monthly, or more often if needed. Depending on the health of the member, they may take the Sunday bulletin or a copy of the Upper Room devotional booklet to their visit. Personal notes are always welcome, so cards or brief notes of concern are a good idea. As a link to our congregation, deacons can bring church news and talk about events. The pastor welcomes reports on deacon visits at deacon meetings or sooner, if necessary.

Hospital visits are provided by the deacon assigned once notified by the church office.

At Easter and Christmas, deacons deliver flowers to their shut-ins. Children in Sunday School often make gifts for our shut-ins. These items are well received and help to make a connection between our children and our older members.

Coffee Hour

Two deacons prepare, serve and clean up for the coffee hour following each Sunday morning service. Our members enjoy this time to socialize over a cup of coffee and a variety of delicious snacks. Juice is also provided. Cookies, coffee and juice are provided by the deacons, however, people often bring special delicious snacks and baked goods they wish to donate. A donation basket is provided on the table each Sunday where money is collected to help defray the costs.

Special events such as baptisms, confirmation, anniversaries and birthdays are often celebrated during the coffee hour. Deacons provide special cakes for baptisms and confirmation. Any member can bring cakes or other food items to celebrate special events by arranging such with the deacons.

Deacons are encouraged to invite new members to help serve at coffee hour. This provides an opportunity for new members to get to know others and brings an increased sense of belonging to our congregation.


Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter and Christmas Eve. Deacons prepare the communion elements for these occasions. Two deacons help in preparing communion and all deacons help to clean up following the service.

Flower delivery

Many members donate flowers each Sunday in honor or memory of a loved one throughout the year. These beautiful flowers, if not taken by the family who donates them, are delivered to shut-ins, hospitalized members or those having special needs or celebrations such as birthdays. Flowers are placed in disposable containers for delivery following worship.

There are 12 deacons who each serve a 2 year term. Officers include a moderator, secretary and quartermaster. Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday evening of each month except July, August and December. Deacons sign up for the various duties at meetings - often early in the year. Deacons are represented on the Worship, Membership Enrichment and Nominating Committees.