Suggested Titles for "Untitled", preached May 15, 2011

A church by any other name wouldn't be as sweet as guava shells.
A mixed bag
A mixed crowd
A Need for All Things
An Enlightening
All God's Children
Are all Christian the same?

Children of God
Christianity in a World Perspective
Common Christians? I think not
Common Ground (God) Amongst our Differences

Differences Become Equalities
Different But Alike
Different but united
Different Paths to God
Different People Different life
Different ways of worshipping/same God
Down Memory Lane

Everyone is Equal Treat all alike

Faith: A Mixed Bowl
Faith in all "colors" & words
Faith in all sizes and shapes
Food is good for the Soul
Fruitcake one bite at a time
Fun Facts

God Loves Us-Everyone
God loves variety or God is variety
God's great Diversity
God's Landlines
God's Pot Luck
God's rich variety
God's Wisdom in its rich variety

Hm-m-m-m We are all together
Ho Holy Laughter
How different can they really be?

I'm Hungry

Learning Cultures of God
Let's talk about God's churches
Life in Chicago
Love Jesus

No Name Sermon

Our Church has Room for All God's Children
Our Community is a Potluck
Our hymnal was here first
Our Spiritual Journey in a Multicultural landscape

Parts of a Whole
Pot Luck

Riches in Variety
So different yet so similar?
Someplace For Everyone

Sharing Memories of Ravenswood

The Mystery of the people of God
The Variety in God's Beanyard
The Variety of God's Wisdom

"Untitled" is perfect!
Unity and Variety
Unity in Variety
Unity Thru Diversity

Variety Enriches Christianity
Variety is the Spice of Christianity
Variety! (Is the Spice of Life)
Variety is the Spice of Life

What else?
What's the Difference?