Below are the results of the survey taken during worship on Sunday, July 10, 2011.

Of those voting: 22 identified themselves as Martha's; 6 as Mary's and 10 as a mix of both women.

The titles worshippers suggested for the sermon are listed alphabetically.

A Day of Rest is very important in following God's teaching
A warm morning in church in July
Am I like Mary of Martha?
...and the Lord said, "Stop it!"

Busy Bee or Lazy Daisie
"Busy" does not equal productive
Busy time and peace

Celebrate the Sabbath
Celebrate the Sabbath with quietness
Claim the Freedom

Don't be a Martha

Eternity Rocks

Finding time to Go to Church!
Follow the Leader

God's Leaven for Life
Growing and Learning By slowing Down with Trust

Idleness can be "next to Godliness"
I'm Busy for the Lord

Learn how to "Mary"
Learn to COOL IT, BRO

Martha & Me
Martha's Sabbath
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, but well rested
My Name is Mary, or is it Martha--or Mary or Martha or Mary , Martha or Mary

Observe the Sabbath & Trust that God Will Provide
Our need of the Sabbath

Putting Christ at the top of "to do" list

Reexamining the Sabbath is terms of complete rest
Rest and be blessed

Sabbath: Celebrate
Saving one day a week to yourself with God
Stop it
STOP IT! Don't be a Martha
Stop. Adore. Restore. Begin Again.
Study the Word of the Lord

Take Time
Take time to ADORE!
Take time to be holy; speak oft with thy Lord
Taking time out for listening
The Lord commands you to observe the sabbath
The Lord is in this place
The "okay" sister
The Sabbath is for celebrating our Lord
This One's for You!

What does idleness really mean?
What means Sabbath
When do I stop
When "To Do" becomes "Don't Do"
Where are your priorities?

Not a title, exactly, but a comment Martha-I'd bet she was the oldest sister, ingrained responsible. If Mary would have helped, Martha could have sat there too. No delivery-take out

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