What Do You Love About Your Church?

October 19, 2014, Exodus 33:12-23, Matthew 22:15-22

Here is the list of things people said in response to "What do you love about your church?"

The people


It was here when I needed it!

The organ



Spirit of fun and playfulness is worship


Emphasis on local mission

This is my family—all my relatives live far from here.

New spirit

I belong here, no one judges me

The people listen to me!

Lots of variety

Bell choir

We love the feeling of acceptance & family

The music

Friendly members

Christ with energy!


When I’m here I feel at home

Pretty windows

The pastor

Activities: youth group & work camp

Social time before and after worship—Treats!

Everyone’s eager to help each other


 Strong sense of community—everyone’s invested in everyone else’s well-being

It’s fun, everyone’s nice

Lots of people care about me here

We are connected

Worship is informal, flexible and playful

People miss me when I’m gone—and are glad to see me when I’m back

Playing bells!

Music at Sunday school 

Here is a list of things that nobody said they love about this church:

The roof




The sound system

The postage meter

The projection screen

Bulletin boards

Toilet paper

We always pay the water bill!

 All the cool fonts on pastor’s laptop!