The Church in the Mirror

October 9, 2016, Community Breakfast, Al Ritsema


A number of years ago our church was considering moving out of the downtown area and out of our aging building.  The decision was made to stay here and raise money and use some of our memorial funds to make needed repairs.

We also developed a mission statement: “Serving with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination and Love.” 

The Community Breakfast has been a tangible way of expressing all of this statement.  Most of those who attend are not members of our church.  Many are homeless and live in the community warming shelter.  The volunteers are members of our church or friends of our church who do a great job of cooking, table setting a clean up.

I encourage you to volunteer or just attend (as I have done).  Visiting with our guests is an important part of the program.

I have enjoyed my participation.  The food is better than what I make for myself and meeting new people has been good for me--and I would like to think—for them.

I encourage you to try it—you’ll like it.