The Church in the Mirror

November 13, 2016, John Vette



To respond to this question I can only comment on my feelings to support our Presbyterian Church.  Hopefully some of these notions will resonate with members of our congregation as well.

 So to me, what is our Presbyterian Church, for which I have feelings of support?

            For one, our Presbyterian Church is a sort of a refuge.  It's a building, an atmosphere, where members or not (members) can enter to find welcome, quiet, an accumulation of friendly people, wanting to be of help.

            It is also, a meeting place, even a sanctuary, for groups of special needs which can meet here and plan activities necessary in our community, such as Narcotics Anonymous, Samaritan Counseling and new visitors.  Years ago when Hmong refugees settled in Oshkosh, our church invited them to join us for worship and participation and they remained with First Pres. Church for a couple of years until they found a location of their own.

            For me, Pres. Church is also an opportunity of religious expression, a facility for personal growth in faith, and a source of mission, as we can support world needs through international presbytery and most importantly, our own local mission opportunities found in downtown Oshkosh, i.e., the Warming Shelter, Food Pantry, and community breakfasts open to the community.

            Hanging out at Pres. Church becomes an act of personal participation.  When Pastor Tom notices you are here, his focus can provide commitment in which you may find yourself an active participant...  Presbyterian gourmet coffee encounters provide fertile opportunities to engage in Presbyterian activities.  

So to answer the first question, I like my refuge, I like the education, the Bible history and explanations in our sermons.  I need the people.   I would like to see the continuance of First Pres. Church in Oshkosh. 

            All these positive experiences require support.  And support needs to come from all sources, all participants, because support is a big, challenging task.  So my feelings in support of 1st Pres. Church in Oshkosh range from a bit of pain, of pride to be a part of what we do, a realization that I really want to experience our church; for this, I'll try to do my part. With all this being said I encourage as many folks as possible to join in.