Filling in the Blank

October 29, 2017, Responses from members to four fill in the blanks

My church makes me feel           Connected


                                                                Accepted & among friends

                                                                At peace


                                                                Warm & safe

                                                                That I have a sense of worth

                                                                Comfortable, appreciated, cared for

                                                                Wanted & loved



                                                                The love and acceptance of the Lord


                                                                Sheltered, yet it gives me a feeling of strength to spread God’s good news when we face the world.


                                                                A part of something loved & welcome


                                                                Like family

                                                                Complete as a Christian



                                                                Strong and welcome

                                                                Cared for and accepted


I tell my friends __________________ about my church.

                                                                I love it here

                                                                The history of my church

                                                                How wonderful my church is.

                                                                The church is accepting

                                                                A pretty cool place with lots of great people.

                                                                Everyone is invited and everyone is important

                                                                Welcoming, forgiving, a place for everyone

                                                                How welcoming

                                                                It is like family

                                                                People are friendly

                                                                A good citizen, open to all, serving the heart of Oshkosh


                                                                We have a wonderful bell, and bell tower that rings out the joy of grace and love we share when it is rung.

                                                                Accepting to all, the friendship

                                                                We are friendly and supportive of each other

                                                                About fellowship hour

                                                                It is a place with much history and many wonderful, welcoming people

                                                                There is a great group of volunteers

                                                                How friendly and warm


                                                                That it’s a welcoming community. Lots of opportunities to hear the word of God

                                                                Welcoming, all are welcome


One thing I love about my church is       

                                                                Its fulfillment in moral education to a population; it makes people think more when making decisions

                                                                It provides a sense of fellowship

                                                                The people

                                                                I find comfort here

                                                                It is there for me always

                                                                Opportunities to grow my faith and live it with the many true friendships I have

                                                                Bell choir—music

                                                                Its friendliness

                                                                They love and support my children

                                                                Reinforcement of my beliefs (Makes me think & rejoice)

                                                                The kind people

                                                                The love it has for everyone

                                                                I get to see my church family each week!

                                                                Because it is happy

                                                                Its sense of community within the church, community and the world

                                                                All the great people

                                                                The friendships I’ve made there

                                                                Sense of community and acceptance

                                                                Local and global awareness & assistance

                                                                The music

                                                                It is friendly


                                                                I always feel so very welcome

                                                                How welcoming it is

                                                                It’s a place to search one’s soul before God

                                                                Trusted help to those in need

I support my church because

                                                                It’s a place to search one’s soul before God

                                                                It supports me

                                                                Its members strengthen my faith

                                                                I want to

                                                                A pretty cool place         

                                                                It’s happy

                                                                I believe

                                                                Of ongoing covenants with the Samaritan Center & Preschool

                                                                It needs it

                                                                It’s “my” church

                                                                It supports my spirituality

                                                                I love it                                                                                                                                                                                                

The church needs my help to do God’s work in the world

                                                                It is important to me and so many other people

                                                                It cares for all people and supports causes and efforts to make the world a better place

                                                                It provides spiritual and religious support

                                                                It helps me and enables us to help others in the world.

                                                                I love the way I feel after service

                                                                I believe in its mission

                                                                They need it

                                                                It keeps me reminded of my responsibility as a disciple of Christ.

                                                                My church does good things and it helps me be a better person

                                                                It makes people think