The Church in the Mirror

Michelle Ruhl-Ortiz on the Preschool, November 6, 2016


When your kids start school, it's an anxious time for any parent.  I asked about preschools and my brother and sister-in-law said First Presbyterian Church has a wonderful school.  After we came to the baptisms of our nephews, Noah and Evan here at the church, I had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Tom, as we were also looking for a church at the time.

I appreciated how Pastor Tom spoke about the church and how open and understanding you all are.  A while after that, I visited the preschool, where I met Miss Carol and Miss Livie, two wonderful women who clearly dedicate their lives to educating children.  I was very impressed with them and soon after Tristan was enrolled for the Tuesday/Thursday class.  This year he is in the afternoon 4K class.  He wakes up every morning asking if he is going to school yet.  He makes beautiful projects that he is very proud of and he is learning so much.  It's also given my husband and me an opportunity to learn more about ourselves as parents and about our son.  It's clear that preschool is helping him to discover his own personality and gifts.  Miss Carol and Miss Livie take the time to uncover the potential in all  their students and I can say they have personally helped me when I found myself struggling and not knowing what to do.  I am of the belief that it does take a village to raise a child.  I cannot say enough about the preschool and how much we love it!  It also makes me proud to be part of a congregation that is so dedicated to educating our children and treating my child like one of your own.  You all are making a difference by supporting the preschool.